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What are the advantages of electrophoresis special pumps compared with ordinary centrifugal pumps
Source:http://www.jstnyh.com/ Date:2020-06-17

What are the advantages of electrophoresis special pumps compared with ordinary centrifugal pumps

    As we all know, the coating industry will use a variety of corrosive liquid coatings, so the use of electrophoresis special pumps will be better for transportation. However, the traditional centrifugal pump can also transport corrosive media, but its sealing performance is poor, the sealing material is more easily damaged, and the service life of various parts is short, so it cannot meet the needs of coating media transportation.

    It is precisely because the electrophoresis special pump solves many shortcomings of the traditional centrifugal pump, it is more effective in conveying the liquid medium with high viscosity, strong permeability and easy crystallization, and can play a greater role in use. Only when the quality is better, can there be better performance, and then can meet the specific requirements of use.

    The delivery pump designed and manufactured specifically for the requirements of the coating production process has obvious advantages in use. Moreover, traditional centrifugal pumps have shortcomings in terms of performance and high cost of use. Therefore, the use of new equipment to complete the delivery of liquid media will definitely have better results and achieve better quality.

    In summary, a more reliable supplier of special electrophoresis pumps can have a variety of equipment models for customers to choose from, and at the same time it is beneficial in ensuring the stability of equipment performance. Of course, better quality equipment can also bring better protection in use, so that it can play a greater role in actual use.

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